Without stories of love, our lives would pass by in the blink of an eye.
These stories have the power to stop the world for a moment.

Please, take a moment and read this incredible story. I still have tears in my eyes. I met Laura & Sorin though Flytographer and I am so happy to share it with you.

 â€Hi Mada, 
So here are some details about us & our story which is pretty incredible actually. We have a producer who wants us to write it out & he wants to do a movie.

We both came to the US when we were kids, Sorin 10, me 7. We both grew up in Sunnyside, Queens on the same block just years apart & didn’t know. We went to same Jr. HS but because he’s older not same time. 
Fast forward 1993 – Our parents in the Romanian Community because best friends, we didn’t personally meet till 1994. Our parents wanted to set us up, we went on a few dates but we were kids. I was 17 & he was 24. We both were at diff. points in our lives, I was going to college in another state, he was working in NYC. 
Neither wanted to chase the other person. Both very arrogant. hahah so we lost touch, but our parents remained best friends. We both got married & we both had kids. He has 2 children & I have 1 little girl from our ex’s. 
Our relationships throughout our life have been very hard, and we have BOTH been searching for that perfect movie person. Our whole life we were told it doesn’t exist. My parents have been married for 44 yrs and are STILL on their honeymoon. 🙂 I wanted what they had.

Through the years I have always wondered about him. What he was up to, and just always came up in conversations, and he was the only boy I went on a date with that that ever happened. And we didn’t even have a relationship. 🙂

In 2015 he came up again in a conversation with my mom. I sent him a FB message just saying hi…hope you are well. …..and then nothing. 

2017 I had separated/divorced/ex moved out March 1st. 

June 2017 I get a message on FB messenger from Sorin asking me if this was “Romanian Laura”…my response was “How many Romanian Laura’s do you know!”….
He proceeded to tell me he just saw my message that I sent him. I told him Ummmm I sent you that message in 2015!!! (he didn’t have messenger installed, not a social media guy)

We proceed to talk and he tells me in April 2017 he got separated/divorced/moved out and available! 

We talked for 1 whole month, every single day, text, phone, didn’t meet up. Then on July 18th, 2019 (Today is our 2 yr anniversary) he came over. 

The moment he walked through that door it felt like I was going back home. So familiar like we had been doing this our whole life. We both knew that it was meant to be, we truly were soul mates & we’ve lived happily ever after since that day. 

That’s our story. It started 25 years ago….and here we are today. And we are literally the same person. Both immigrants from Romania who came here with just our parents. Both always looking for the person that gave us everything. We never wanted to settle. Both only children. And our parents were best friends. 
We both feel truly blessed to have each other. We are each other’s soul mate. And we just know that there was some divine energy & intervention that brought us back together when we were BOTH ready to receive what we both deserved. And we are NOT religious people. But there was something in the stars…. 
🙂 This is a little bit about our story. And about us, we are exactly the same. 

Adventurous, passionate, romantic, energetic, we love to travel, we like nice things, we work hard & play hard, we speak our minds, we don’t have good filters and always tell it like it is. He’s a Taurus & I’m a Leo if you are into zodiac signs. 

We love the city, we love to dance (we go to clubs. I used to be a professional dancer when I was younger). And we just love life. We don’t take anything for granted because we lost SO much of our youth on people who didn’t deserve us, so we want to live life everyday like it’s the last. 
🙂 Hope you enjoyed a little insight into who we are & if you need any more details please let me know. I think it’s important to know the couple’s story to shoot their story. Sorry email was so long. 
We are very excited for this….I haven’t been back home since 2011 & he hasn’t been back since 2001! I have family in Bucharest and Constanta as well. 

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